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Bulletts, Banks and Barter

A small group of us earlier were at a nearby park, smoking cigars.

Barter became part of the discussion.  Check out this out.

If \”trade\” is done with money, Bobby can charge $50 for ten arrowheads.  If Jack wants 10 arrowheads, and has $50 bucks he can get them.  If Jack doesn't have $50 bucks on him, he can write a check for them.  Bobby can then take the check to the bank, and spend the money he made anywhere.  

The banker gets his cut, and Bobby and Jack don't even have to know each other for \”trade\” to happen.

Now check out how this is a \”hack\” into building community. 

If Bobby has ten arrowheads, he can \”barter\” them.   Bobby wants seeds, which I have, so he offers me 10 arrowheads for my seeds.  I don't need arrowheads, I don't hunt.   But since I take the time to get to know the people in my community, we do the trade.  I give Bobby my seeds.  I go meet up with Jack who makes gardening tools and trade 5 arrowheads for a small spade.   I put the other 5 arroheads in my pouch and trade them later.

I use my spade to garden more effectively, so I have more plants growing, and can trade them later.   Jack gives 2 of the arrowheads to his nephew who is learning how to make arrowheads, and would learn TONS from having Bobby's arrowheads.  The nephew who is impressed with the work now wants to meet Bobby.  Since Bobby and Jack haven't met, I get to spend some time getting to know the nephew while we go over to Bobby the arrowhead makers hut.

In other words, a barter based economy tends to be more \”hands on'.  People get to meet each other, and have to be more aware of each others needs and wants.  I did the trade, knowing that Jack needs arrowheads, and his nephew is wanting to learn more about them.

In all \”mindhacks\”, done on either people or \”events\” there is more than meets the eye.  It's not about \”going cashless\”, or the underground economy, it's about PEOPLE.

Your turn, what do you think?

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS:  Let's build community here.  Register, post, play.  And invite a couple friends while you are at it!  Whoo yah!

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  1. TP says:

    Been doing it for years for Golf Lessons. You don’t have money or enough, what do you have?
    It is much more personal and all the people I have done it with have become friends of mine.

    Money seems to separate, or at least there appears to a barrier there about getting one’s money’s worth,
    ah.., but time or services? There’s where the rubber meets the road.

    It becomes a matter of pride when trading services. You are good enough to trade me what you are good enough for what I am good at.

    Everyone wins and there is a sense a appreciation that is never acheived through the exchange of money.

    Great post. Great insight. Now, to make some money on the internet.

    Here’s a question: How do we barter on the internet? I know there are some barterng services out there and I have actually looked into a few but they fall short because in the end someone is going to make some bucks.

    How about a truly no money exchange bartering site?


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