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NLP and VAK – The most interesting video on VAK that I’ve ever seen!

Most NLP trainings and courses don’t give VAK the attention that it deserves. I know, Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic isn’t the most sexy or exciting thing to talk about.

But if you get what Mr. Twenty Twenty is saying and doing here in VAK Part 1 you will be HOOKED!

Points to notice:

1. Each modality VISUAL – AUDITORY – KINESTHETIC has a very different function.

2. Most of the “accessing” people do is entirely driven by habituation, or by external stimuli.

3. It takes less than 10 minutes a day to “loosen up” your brain and set the stage for….

4. The life changing vital distinction between emotions and sensations is…

5. Fuzzy Movies are caused by….

Have fun!

Stuff that will change your life by Mr. Twenty Twenty

The Facebook Version – Same Video.

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